Hot Air Balloon Rides in Virginia and 200 Locations Across the Country!
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Balloon Rides in Virginia

We will take your spirits soaring with a balloon ride in Virginia! Nothing is more fun for you and your friends than lifting off slowly in the gondola of a beautiful hot air balloon. Surprise your spouse, sweetheart, family, friends, and employees with a unique gift they will thank you for again and again.

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A handsome Soaring Adventures of America, Inc. Flight Ticket is good for an exciting hot air balloon ride in Virginia or at any one of our 200 certified locations coast-to-coast anytime through June 1, 2017. You give the Flight Ticket, on the occasion and your gift recipient chooses the time and place and schedules the balloon ride directly with one of our friendly pilots. Member BBB—Better Business Bureau—A+ Rating. 34 years of experience, more than 300,000 rides.

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 All orders will ship the next business day by USPS First Class Mail. If you have any questions, please call (800) 762-9583. Welcome Aboard!