Skydiving Rides


describe the i border= You and your instructor board the jump plane and you climb to between 10,000 and 13,000 feet. Signals are given and you exit the aircraft harnessed to your instructor. The free-fall is a rush and the feeling of flying is breathtaking. Then, the chute is opened and you and your instructor float to earth together. Excitement unlimited! Scroll down for our Skydiving location list!

Take your flight anytime through June 1, 2017!
Rides available Nationwide! Scroll down to see a list of Tandem Skydive Ride locations!



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Monday through Friday from 9 am to 7 pm EST

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A Gift They Will Thank You for Again and Again!

Surprise your spouse, sweetheart, family, friends, customers and employees with a unique gift they will thank you for again and again. A handsome 800Soaring Flight Ticket is good for an exciting hot air balloon ride, a soaring glider ride or a skydiving ride taken at any one of our 100 certified locations coast-to-coast anytime until June 1, 2017! You give the Flight Ticket on the occasion, and your gift recipient chooses the time and place and schedules the ride directly with one of our friendly pilots.

Our 60-Day No-Questions-Asked Full Refund Policy

Not 100% sure that your gift recipient wants a hot air balloon ride? That's okay! Tickets are fully refundable for 60 days from date of purchase.

Delayed Payment Option

We will charge $50 per ride today (for example if you order a balloon ride for two people, we would charge $100 today), and the balance in 60 days. All orders will ship today. There is a $5 charge for the Delayed Payment Option. Sorry, the Delayed Payment Option is not yet available for online orders. If you are interested, just call to place your order (800) 762-7464. NOTE: Delayed payment orders must be paid in full before the balloon ride can be taken.

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tandem skydiving ride gift announcement pageAfter you place your order, we will give you access to a protected page on our website where you can print out a Colorful Gift Announcement Page announcing your gift and describing the ride you are giving. This is not your Flight Ticket. You can tell your gift recipient that the actual ticket will arrive in the mail in a few days. If you order online, you will be directed to a page on our website at the conclusion of your order where you can print a gift announcement page.


Tandem Skydiving Ride Gift Ticket Online Ordering
SALE: $60 Off Every Ride!

describe the imageYou can pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover with our secure online shopping cart. Standard Shipping is $3, if you want overnight shipping for $25, you will be given the option to select it on the final page of the ordering process.

Tickets can be returned for a full 60 days!

If you would like to use our Delayed Payment Option, please call to place your order (800) 762-7464(800) 762-7464. Delayed payment is not available through online ordering. Thank you!Thank you!

Regularly $229.95. Now $199.95!


Tandem Skydiving Ride Locations

If you live near a major metropolitan area:

Our convenient ride locations are typically between 15 and 60 minutes from most large cities and major metropolitan areas. Below is a list of the large cities and major metropolitan areas we service for Hot Air Balloon rides. In many cases, there is more than one launch site for each major metropolitan area.

If you don't live near a large city or major metropolitan area:

We have many locations not near large cities and major metropolitan areas! So, please give us a call if you are looking for something in a more rural part of the country, (800) 762-7464.

If you don't see your city listed below, Call Us at (800) 762-7464!

We have 100 locations nationwide, odds have it we have at least one location that is convenient for you. Just give us a call and a friendly representative will give you more detailed location information. Our tickets are good at any of our locations across the country. In fact, the gift recipient may end up taking their ride while on vacation!

You Will Receive Skydiving Ride Scheduling Phone Numbers for all 100 Locations!

Tandem Skydiving Rides Are Available within 15-60 Minutes of These Large Cities and Major Metropolitan Areas
(List is Alphabetical by State and Cities)

California Tandem Skydiving Ride: San Francisco (location is 90 minutes away), Sacramento, San Jose, Salinas
Delaware Tandem Skydiving Ride:
District of Columbia Tandem Skydiving Ride: Washington
Florida Tandem Skydiving Ride: Jacksonville, Lakeland, Orlando, Sarasota, Spring Hill, St. Petersburg, Tampa
Idaho Tandem Skydiving Ride: Boise
Indiana Tandem Skydiving Ride: Indianapolis
Kansas Tandem Skydiving Ride: Kansas City, Leavenworth
Kentucky Tandem Skydiving Ride: Louisville, Lexington
Massachusetts Tandem Skydiving Ride: Boston, Fitchburg, Methuen, Worcester
Missouri Tandem Skydiving Ride: Kansas City, St. Joseph
New Hampshire Tandem Skydiving Ride:
Manchester, Nashua
New Jersey Tandem Skydiving Ride: Atlantic City, Trenton, Vineland
New York Tandem Skydiving Ride: New York City, Sussex
North Carolina Tandem Skydiving Ride: Charlotte, Fayetteville, Raleigh
Ohio Tandem Skydiving Ride: Cincinnati, Dayton
Pennsylvania Tandem Skydiving Ride: Philadelphia
South Carolina Tandem Skydiving Ride: Rock Hill, Spartanburg
Texas Tandem Skydiving Ride: Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston
Vermont Tandem Skydiving Ride: Brattleboro
Virginia Tandem Skydiving Ride: Arlington, Richmond