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Nothing is more fun for you and your friends than soaring quietly in our sleek world-class glider. Surprise your spouse, sweetheart, family, friends, customers and employees with a unique gift they will thank you for again and again.

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A handsome Soaring Adventures of America, Inc. Flight Ticket is good for a soaring glider ride taken at any one of our 200 certified locations coast-to-coast anytime through June 1st, 2017.You give the Flight Ticket, on the occasion and your gift recipient chooses the time and place and schedules the ride directly with one of our friendly pilots. Member BBB—Better Business Bureau—A+ Rating. 34 years of experience, more than 300,000 rides.

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Glider Ride Gift Announcement PageWhen you place your order, either by phone or online, your Flight Ticket with a poster and list of all 200 locations will be sent to you. At the same time you will be given access to our handsome Gift Announcement Certificate page. Just print it out and you will immediately have an attractive present to give. It describes the details and fun of the ride you have ordered and makes a perfect gift to use until the actual Flight Ticket arrives in a few days. It gives you peace of mind to have a gift in hand immediately, especially as it gets closer to Christmas, even if it is Christmas eve. Order now online or by phone and have your gift in minutes.