For 35 Years, Soaring Adventures of America Has Been Taking Your Spirits Soaring
With Our Balloon Rides, Glider Rides and Skydiving Rides!

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Soaring Adventures of America, Inc. was founded by aviation-enthusiast, Rob Wilkinson, in 1980. What started as a small network of gliderports up and down the East Coast has now grown into the largest recreational aviation network in the country. Joined now by his wife and daughter in the business as well as several good friends and hundreds of pilots, "Captain Rob" is still at the helm very much enjoying his work, flying whenever he can, and taking his customers' spirits soaring at our Martha's Vineyard location every summer. You can see him "at work" in the picture to the righti.

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About the The Coatmobile

If you are calling us on a cold day in January, it might take us a couple extra rings to come to the phone. Each year, the Soaring Adventures of America headquarters in Wilton, CT temporarily transforms to the Soaring Adventures Coatmobile headquarters. Captain Rob and his family collect gently used coats from the community and distribute them to 16 homeless shelters in Connecticut. It is wonderful how regular people can get real things done. To date, 7,200 coats have been distributed to the homeless and working poor. Everyone on the Soaring Adventures team pitches in receiving coat donations as they come in the front door, folding coats, and organizing them into piles for men, women and children. So, while we will be delighted to take your call in January, we may take a little longer to get to the phone.

Soaring Adventures of America, A Corporation with History

As a unique and exciting business, Soaring Adventures of America has been subject of many feature articles over the past thirty years. You can click on the newspaper logos below to read a selection of our favorite news stories over the years. We post older articles here because they are so interesting, because of their age.

soaring adventures of america article in Boston Globe August 17, 1983

Soaring adventures of america in Newsday March 31, 1986

soaring adventures of america article in the wilton bulletin October 6, 1982

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Dick Clark Productions New Years Rockin' Eve

Host, Jessica Simpson received a Soaring Adventures Flight Ticket for a Hot Air Balloon Ride!

2003 American Music Award Celebrity Gift Bag

A Soaring Adventures Flight Ticket for a Hot Air Balloon Ride for Two People was selected as the exclusive adventure activity in the . “What’s in the Gift Bag?” is always a hot topic for entertainment news reports on top awards ceremonies. Clearly one of the most exciting gifts, the Soaring Adventures Gift Ticket was included among the handful of items highlighted in ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT’s feature story on the event. “Who will Britney take up on her Soaring Adventures hot air balloon ride?" speculated ET music reporter, Maria Menounos.


Local Phone Numbers, in Use Since 1980 Are Obsolete. - Please Use (800) 762-7464

Please call us on (800) 762-7464. We are in the process of expanding our Toll-free lines and cancelling all our outdated local lines so you will never get a busy signal or pay for a call again. Local numbers formerly listed here have been deleted. Diane, Leslie, Ed and Gina are here to answer your questions and process your orders, Monday through Friday, 10 am to 4 pm Eastern time.